2.8 lb Premium Roof Foam

Premium Spray Products, Inc. PREMISEAL™ 280 is a two-component one to
one by volume, spray applied polyurethane foam. The PREMISEAL™ 280 liquid A component
(Iso) and B component (Resin) are mixed through specialized proportioning spray equipment to
produce a fast curing rigid foam plastic insulation. PREMISEAL™ 280 utilizes an EPA approved,
zero ozone depleting blowing agent.


PREMISEAL™ 280 is a nominal 2.8lb/cu ft. density closed cell
polyurethane foam roofing system intended for use by qualified contractors trained in the
processing and application of spray polyurethane foam. PREMISEAL™ 280 provides a superior
R-value of 6.4 per inch thickness and a continuous insulation without thermal breaks. The
PREMISEAL™ Roofing system provides an excellent self-adhering qualities with superior
wind uplift, is self-flashing and seamless and with its closed cell nature provides a durable leak
resistant roofing system. Its superior strength provides excellent resistance to foot traffic and
abuses. The PREMISEAL™ 280 roofing system can be used in most retrofit or new construction

PREMISEAL™ 280 is designed for use as a roofing system in
commercial, industrial and institutional construction applications. PREMISEAL™ 280 is suitable
for application to most construction materials including wood, masonry, concrete, metal, and
most roofing board stock materials. PREMISEAL™ 280 can be applied to clean, dry and sound
roofing surfaces such as BUR, mod bit, metal, concrete, single-ply and other properly prepared
roofing systems.



The Benefits of a Spray Polyurethane Roof System:

  • Seamless, continuous seal over the entire roof
  • High insulation value
  • Lightweight and High Strength
  • Tremendous adhesion to substrate
  • Faster installation
  • Sustainable: Long Life Cycle
  • Rapid payback due to savings on energy usage

More Description

  • PremiSeal™ 280 is a 2.8 lb per cubic foot closed cell spray foam which is used primarily for roofing projects.
  • PremiSeal™ 280 has superior insulation performance and good dimensional stability.
  • PremiSeal™ 280 provides contractors with excellent cure and overlap adhesion, and is user friendly in different climate conditions.
  • PremiSeal™ 280 offers high yields, and is a zero ozone depleting material.
  • PremiSeal™ 280 has Factory Mutual and UL listings for specified projects.