Learn how to become a spray foam expert

  • Foam product types & usage
  • Project planning & Management
  • Equipment options & Maintenance
  • Mixing & Processing Foam Materials
  • Spray Application Techniques
  • Osha Compliance & Safety Standards

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Campus Locations

New York


Ron Power

Master Trainer

With over 17 years’ experience in the industry, Master Trainer Ron has trained spray foam insulators worldwide, from Asia, Europe, and the Middle East to North America and South America. Beginning his career in Toronto, Canada, Ron has been a part of the spray foam industry since its inception, training on the job and later obtaining all certifications available. Throughout his career, Ron has focused on getting the job done the right way the first time. Ron joined The Spray Market in 2014, and focuses on developing and teaching the craft of spray foam insulation to contractors all over the Brooklyn area. His unparalleled work ethic and extensive knowledge of the spray foam industry has made him an invaluable asset at TSM.

Martin Baum

Equipment & Machinery Specialist

Martin has well over a decade of experience in the spray foam industry, and first began his career, like many others, in general contracting. Martin’s role ensures that customers receive their materials on time every time, and he is fiercely dedicated to providing excellent service. Known at TSM as the go-to guy for everything mechanical, he keeps all operations running smoothly. Contractors have come to trust Martin because of his expansive knowledge on the inner workings of the equipment and machinery, chemicals, and processes. His thorough understanding and personal experience with the issues or problems insulators may face allows him to provide solutions to keep contractors going and to prevent them from facing work-stopping errors.

Ari Guttman

Sales Training

Ari’s unequivocal passion for the spray foam industry is complemented by his 25 years in the construction industry and involvement with the spray foam industry since its inception more than 15 years ago. By having hands-on experience, Ari has an intimate knowledge of what works and what doesn’t, how to succeed, and how to educate others. It is his vision to not only provide solid products and personalized service, but to help proliferate the success of the spray foam industry to other contractors and companies worldwide.

Upcoming Classes

14 June
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Demo Day Wednesday June 14,2017

You’re invited to join our Demo Day, we will showcase a diversity of products and applications including the spray foam insulation ,roofing as well as coatings. In addition to these…

Location: 330 Pine Street, Bridgeport, CT 06605

19 June
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4 day spray foam basics -Bridgeport,Connecticut

Learn all the basics of Spray Foam Insulation

Location: 330 Pine Street, Bridgeport, CT 06605

26 June
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4 Day Spray Foam Basics – Curso de Espuma Para Principiantes -Bridgeport, Connecticut

Junio 26th Junio 27th Junio 28th Junio 29th     8: 30-9: 45 – Introducción a Spray de espuma 9: 45-10: 00 – Pausa 10: 00-10: 45 – Espuma de…

Location: 330 Pine Street, Bridgeport, CT 06605

10 July
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Foam Roofing Beginners Course-Curso de Principiantes de Techado de Espuma

July 10th July 11th July 12th July 13th

Location: 330 Pine Street Bridgeport,CT 06605

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