SPM 200HL is an innovative, spray foam solution that provides homeowners quality insulation, cost-effectiveness, sustainable environment, excellent air and moisture barriers, and energy efficiency. SPM 200HL is uniquely formulated for sustainable residential construction and incorporates more than 20% recycled plastic bottles and renewable oils to create its high-performing, high-yield foam. To encourage use of environmentally safer and more sustainable products, SPM 200HL is also a LEED* certification product.

Providing multipurpose protection in a single application, SPM 200HL serves as air, water and vapor barriers all in one. By keeping out unwanted outside air and water, homeowners can enjoy comfort without worry of outside allergens and possible mold growth from moisture condensation or leakage. SPM 200HL also provides an industry-leading flame spread rating of 0-5; which means, in case of a fire, the rate in which the flame burns and moves is slowed.

SPM 200HL is the perfect insulation solution for homeowners as it delivers quality insulation, cost effectiveness, and energy efficiency.