Spraytite 178

SPRAYTITE 178 is a closed-cell polyurethane system utilizing an EPA approved, zero ozone-depleting, blowing agent. It is designed for use in commercial and residential construction applications. SPRAYTITE 178 is compatible with most common construction materials, but can only be processed with BASF SPRAY 8000A/FE 800A Isocyanate.

BASF products help improve energy efficiency, durability and speed of construction for all types of construction projects, while also offering a lower lifecycle cost and reduced environmental impact. BASF polyurethane-based materials extend throughout the building envelope from foundation to roof, in bridges and pavement, HVAC and plumbing, even landscaping.

Whether new construction, retrofit or restoration, BASF chemistry improves energy efficiency, increases durability and helps speed construction.

Improved energy efficiency means lower operating costs, accelerated return on investment and lower environmental impact. Increased durability means a lower cost of ownership due to reduced maintenance needs, resistance to natural disasters and safer, healthier places to live and work.

Speed of construction enables increased productivity, lower labor requirements, easier staging, faster occupancy and income generation, rapid repairs and reduced callbacks.

BASF polyurethane construction solutions have helped architects, engineers, designers, contractors, owners, builders and original equipment manufacturers make construction projects more sustainable with material choices that are proven to make a measurable difference to the performance of construction projects throughout the structure lifecycle.